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Head of Department:

Mrs S Davies




GCSE in Art & Design (Art, Craft and Design)

Programme of study

GCSE Art, Craft and Design is a broad, flexible, personalised course that requires you to develop an appreciation of the creative process through a practical response, using a wide variety of media, materials, techniques and processes you will critically explore., artists, craftspeople and designers from diverse cultures, times and societies. This allows you to experience a wide range of art and artists, giving you the opportunity to explore your own personal expression and individual style. These include drawing, painting, photography, collage, multimedia, ceramics and printmaking.

Homework is an essential part of the course; you will be expected to spend extra time in the Art room over and above lesson time on a regular basis to keep organised and meet given deadlines. You must also be prepared to work very independently and be self-motivated.

Art is a qualification that develops transferable creative, communication and life skills. As a result, you will be encouraged to:

  • apply a creative approach to problem solving

  • communicate personal ideas through your work in a variety of ways

  • utilise relevant art media, materials and processes to develop and express those original ideas in a personal way

  • research and analyse critically art from your own and other cultures to assist with your personal development, awareness and social development.

How is the course structured & assessed?

Unit 1: Portfolio of Work (60%); 3 projects, which produce a portfolio for assessment, allowing you to show your personal strengths. Project 1 is a ‘foundation project’ allowing you to explore a wide variety of working methods and processes. Project 2 ‘Cultural Masks and body adornment’. Project 3 a ‘Personal investigation’ based on an exam question, allowing you to create an individual portfolio.

Unit 2: Externally Set Task (40%); Externally set paper in which you research and respond to a given stimulus or theme. This is set by Eduqas. You will choose a theme to respond to, then develop a body of work, try out a final piece and then create this during the 10 hour planned practical examination.

Assessment is based on four Assessment Objectives which are designed to measure your progress in terms of your development of knowledge and understanding.

All four are equally weighted and are as follows:
• AO1: developing ideas through investigation of art and culture
• AO2: refining ideas through experimenting with media and techniques

• AO3: recording ideas and observations
• AO4: presenting a personal response

What can these qualifications lead to?

Advances in new technologies have served to increase opportunities within the broad field of Art and Design. Creative young people with artistic flair and skills will always be in demand and there are many employment opportunities available. Qualifications in GCSE and A Level Art provide a stepping stone for you to access a multitude of creative courses in Higher Education. Art is also a subject from which you can obtain a great deal of personal gratification. It can be spiritually uplifting and provide for you an experience of lasting lifetime significance.

No matter where your career aspirations lie, Art remains a subject from which everyone can derive an enriching life-long experience. The Art department welcomes anyone who enjoys the subject and wants to learn, be creative and explore art practice, irrespective of ability.

Studying Art opens up the possibility of a diverse range of future career paths; some examples include working as an artist, an interior designer, an architect, an engineer and many more.