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When making a decision about subjects these are some of the things you should think about:

What is the subject about?

This guide gives brief details of each subject, but talk to your subject teachers and Learning Coach as well. Ask pupils in Years 10 and 11 about the courses they are taking.

Do I like the subject?

Most people do better studying subjects they enjoy and in which they have achieved success.

Will I be able to cope with the subject?

Some subjects require practical skills. Some need more writing than others. Some involve research out of school. Find out from the teachers concerned whether they think you would be good at the subjects which interest you.

Does my choice fit in with the timetable?

The Key Stage 4 timetable is put together so that as many people as possible can study the options they choose. However, some subjects may not run if only a few pupils choose them and you will be asked to chose a different subject.

Do I need the subject for my long-term aims?

Think about your future plans:

  • Job after Sixth Form
  • Job after School
  • Apprenticeship
  • University
  • College Course

Involve your parents

Parents and other relatives have experience of the world outside school.

Talk to them!

Your Form Tutor and Learning Coach

Both your Form Tutor and Learning Coach will always be prepared to give help and advice. They will be very much involved in supporting your choice. Make sure you use that help.

What future changes might affect my choice?

  • Changes in the job market
  • Changes in yourself
  • Changes in qualifications required
  • Changes in technology
  • Changes in your personal circumstances

Some subjects are important but not necessarily compulsory for particular careers. Some skills you can pick up later. Find out what skills you need for careers which interest you.

Don’t choose a subject just because you like the teacher or because your friends have chosen it.

The subjects identified for you help to make sure that you keep your options open and do not lose the chance of certain careers by making wrong subject choices now. The choice you make is final.

If you find after you start a subject that you do not like it, then it may be difficult or impossible to change. Other subjects that you may wish to take may be full by then.

What to do next?

  • Read through the details of the courses which are on the next pages of this booklet.
  • Make a list of the subjects that you might like to follow.
  • Discuss with your parents, Form Tutor and Learning Coach which subjects you would like to take and why.
  • Complete the options form and indicate which subjects you wish to study.
  • Show your form to your parents and then discuss your choices with your Form Tutor.
  • Submit your option form via Google Forms by Monday 27th March 2023

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