St John Plessington Catholic College


Requests for copies

Hard copies can be obtained by contacting the school directly for free of charge. The best way to receive hard copies of our policies is to email - or call 0151 645 5049




Accessibility Plan
Admission Arrangements
Annual Reports and Accounts
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance and Punctuality Policy
Behaviour Policy
Catch up Premium Plan - Tiered Plan SJP
Catch-up Premium Plan SJP
CES Capability Policy & Procedure
CES Staff Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
CES Grievance Resolution Policy & Procedure
CES Staff Sickness Absence Policy & Procedure
Careers Programme Information
Charging and Remissions Policies
Child Protection and Safeguarding
College Contact Details
Code of Conduct
CCTV Policy 
Designated Teacher Policy
Drug Policy
English as an Additional Language
Equality Information Advice & Guidance
Exam and Assessment Results
First Aid Policy
Freedom of Information
Form GRP1 - notification of formal grievance to the clerk of governors 
Form GRP2 - notification of appeal against grievance resolution
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Homework Principles 
HFCMAT/SJP Complaints Policy/Procedure
HFCMAT Data Protection Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023
Lone Worker Policy & Procedure
Relationships and Sex Education
HFCMAT Pupil Privacy Notice
MAT Workforce Privacy Notice
MAT Early Career Teacher (ECT) Induction Policy
Ofsted Reports
Online Safety Policy
Oracy Policy
Performance Tables
Pupil Premium
Remote Learning
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
SEND Policy
Trustees’ Information and Duties
Values and Ethos
Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium
HFCMAT Whistleblowing Policy 
16 to 19 Tuition Fund
RSE Policy 


Curriculum Overview

HFCMAT GDPR Policy (Data Protection) 
Whole School Risk Assessment
Whole School Risk Assessment_RA 029B Contingency Plan

HFCMAT Policies

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