St John Plessington Catholic College

About Us

Headteacher Welcome

Thank you for taking an interest in our College.

A school is more than just a place where students come to learn. It is also a place where a community develops and thrives. It is a place where we come together to support each other achieve whether it is in the classroom learning, on the sports field competing or on the stage performing, we know that success comes from us all working together.

Our academic provision embraces the principles of a progressive curriculum based on highly effective teaching, building self-esteem and resilience, thereby creating the atmosphere for outstanding achievement and the regular provision of opportunities to celebrate success. Our students’ character development, enabling them to understand and be positive and confident citizens in the community, is very important to us. 


At SJP, we value people, every person matters to us. Our consistent aim is that every child fulfils their potential. We recognise that each individual child has talent and ability and relish working to develop that they can live choice filled lives. 

Respect is a deeply held value which permeates all aspects of life at St John Plessington Catholic College (SJP) and underpins the design of our curriculum and everything we offer our students. We believe in the transformative power of education and know that it is one of the most important weapons in the fight against inequality and poverty.

Access lies at the heart of our educational philosophy. In all that we do, we ensure that every student has the opportunity to engage with our curriculum offer, removing any potential barriers and creating opportunities for excellence. Thinking is at the heart of our curriculum offer.

If our students leave us with a sense of agency - the capacity to act autonomously and make their own free choices - we will have fulfilled our aims.

At St John Plessington Catholic College, students will:

  • Be reflective citizens;
  • Experience a broad, deep, connected and knowledge rich curriculum;
  • Develop their literacy and numeracy;
  • Have high expectations for their behaviour and achievement;
  • Learn compassion;
  • Develop holistically; 
  • Access the next appropriate stage in education or employment.

Whether student, teacher or parent/carer, we understand that communication and working together are vital in order for us to provide the best for our students. The website and electronic communication are ways in which we can enrich the information flow, however there is no substitute for contacting a person directly. We warmly encourage you to do this if the website does not provide the information you require.

We are a friendly, outward facing school and you are welcome to visit the school at any time, through mutual arrangement.