St John Plessington Catholic College

Join us in 2025

Message from the Headteacher

We are delighted that you looking at joining St John Plessington next September. 

  • In June, we will invite families to our Induction Evening. This event is an opportunity to ask questions, share information, complete transition paperwork and take a tour of our fantastic facilities.
  • Throughout the summer term, colleagues from the College will visit students in their primary school to talk to their current teachers. These conversations help us to make sure we are ready to meet all children’s needs in September.
  • Once again, we will be offering Summer School during the summer holidays. This has proved to be popular in the past and is a great way of getting to know each other better. Our summer school will be exclusively available to students who are joining our Year 7 cohort in September 2024.

At St John Plessington Catholic College we are proud of the links we have with our local community and know the importance of parents, teachers and students talking together and supporting one another.

Should you wish to discuss your child’s transition to secondary school or arrange a school visit, please contact by email: or call 01516455049.

Some families may be eligible for free school meals or a free transport pass from the local authority. Visit the following links for further information.


Ask a current year 7 pupil any questions you have

click here to fill in the form to ask a pupil a question.


1. Where do I go on my first day?  

On your first day, you will come into school through the main gates, there will be lots of members of staff on the yard and at the gates to greet you and make you feel very welcome.  They will tell you where you need to go on the yard before your form tutors lead you into the school building where you will spend the day getting to know each other in your form groups.

2. What will happen if I get lost?  

Please do not worry about getting lost, although SJP will be much bigger than your primary school, in September you will be working in a bubble that is allocated especially for Year 7 students.  You will also be working for the first term in your form groups, so you will be with your new friends and you will be able to help each other.

3. What is the uniform like at SJP?  

All pupils at SJP wear uniform so that all pupils will feel part of our College community.  All pupils wear a blazer that has the SJP school logo with their specific year colour, this year, the Year 7 colour is Blue which will be taken through to Year 11. The details of our uniform are on the following link

4. Who can I speak to if I am worried about things in school?  

If you have any questions or are worried about anything in school, please don’t bottle things up – let us know. You can talk to any teacher in school, your Form Tutor, Learning Coach, Head of Learning, and your Assistant Headteacher.

5. What will happen if I am late for school?  

Being on time for school is really important so that you don’t miss key information from lessons. If you are late to school, the most important thing is that you let someone know.  If you are travelling alone, make sure you inform home and they should let school know.  If you are travelling to school with your parents or a carer, please ask them to contact school to let us know. 

6. How will I get to school?  

How you will get to school will all depend on where you live and the distance that you will need to travel to get to school.  You may wish to walk or cycle to school, you may also need to use transport to get to school, click here for more information

7. Will I be able to make new friends?  

One of the best things about secondary school is that there are so many opportunities to make new friends, you will be able to make new friends in your form groups and in the clubs that you can join at SJP.

8. I am worried about being bullied at school, who can help me?  

Please do not worry about bullying at SJP.  Kindness and being kind to others is part of our culture at SJP, we respect others and we respect our school environment.  We also learn about bullying during academic review, assemblies and through our PSHE lessons.  However, if you do have concerns about yourself or about another pupil, you must speak to somebody in school.  You can talk to any teacher in school, your Form Tutor, Learning Coach, Head of Learning and your Assistant Headteacher.

9. Will I know the people in my class?  

For the first term, you will be working in your form groups. You may know some of the students in your form if you have joined from the same primary school.  You will also have the opportunity to make lots of new friends in your form groups.

10. What should I do if I lose something in school?  

If you lose something in school, please tell either your Form Tutor, Learning Coach or Head of Learning.  Don’t forget to write your initials on your belongings, including your school uniform and PE kit as this will help us with any lost and found items.

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