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A Level - Level 3


If you are fascinated by the idea of understanding the brain - if you want to grasp the complexities of human behaviour -A Level Psychology is for you. It is about trying to understand why people think, feel and behave the way they do.

Psychologists ask a diverse range of questions such
as: What is personality? How are memories created? How are we influenced by others? How does childhood affect our adult development? Psychology studies the most fascinating of all areas – human behaviour and experience.

This subject is offered as a two year A Level course. In Psychology we take a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour. The goal is to describe, understand, predict and modify behaviour. The course allows you to study theories, research, terminology, concepts, studies and methods as well as to develop skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation.


The subject is 100% exams based and is assessed through three examinations at the end of the year 13. Over the
two year course students will learn about a range of psychological topics such as: Social influence: this concerns the changing of human behaviour through obedience and conformity; Memory: this will allow students to understand both short and long term memory; Attachment:

students will learn about how attachment is formed alongside theories explaining why attachment is formed; Approaches in Psychology: this will include psychodynamic, cognitive, learning and biological; Psychopathology: this will explain mental disorders such as phobias, depression and OCD; Research Methods: this concerns the process of conducting psychological research such as experiments and observations as well as the analysis and interpretation of data. Students will also have the opportunity to study some psychological topics in more detail, including forensics, eating behaviour, and gender.

Progression Routes

The subject combines well with English, Biology, Maths, Sociology, Religious Studies and Philosophy and Ethics. A degree in Psychology offers graduates a wide choice of future employment opportunities such as Teaching, Clinical/ Occupational/Developmental/Forensic/

Sports Psychologist roles as well as providing valuable transferable skills that can apply to a wide range of occupations.