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A Level - Level 3

This subject is offered as an A Level course in Art, Craft & Design over two years.

The course is essentially concerned with exploiting traditional art media, in keeping with developments in contemporary art practice, you are encouraged to explore a range of media and experimental approaches. This includes digital technology to facilitate an engagement with more ‘cutting edge’ methods of visual expression. This is likely to involve a study and exploration of
more innovative conceptual approaches to visual communication common to the expanded field of art practice today. This will also incorporate an emphasis on the value of drawing and reflective annotation to record the creative process, whilst exploring a wide range of media.

The overall aim of the course is therefore to encourage an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design which is informed and developed through an in-depth study of both historical and contemporary art practice.

In turn this should enable you to embrace and explore a range of ideas in your work of both a personal and an objective/analytical nature and, in so doing, harness a meaningful appreciation of visual culture.

First Year of A Level

The Year 12 course is comprised of one internally assessed component, the ‘Personal Creative Enquiry’; this component requires you to keep a working portfolio which can be defined as a combination of a sketchbook and a visual diary comprising of drawings, paintings, photographs, written notes documenting ideas and other visual research materials. The progression of your work at all stages will be nurtured and stimulated by an organised extra-curricular enrichment programme to include both virtual and hands on gallery and practical workshop visits. This first part of the course allows you to explore and discover new media/techniques which you have never been exposed to before. Allowing us to work together to personalise the course to your skills and interests.

Year 12 Component: Personal Creative Enquiry: 100%
This is an internally assessed unit in which you will generate and develop ideas through drawing, painting, photography, and other disciplines such as ceramics and printmaking. You will also research artists, Art movements and experiment with media and processes.

Second Year of A Level

Year 13 Component 1 Personal Creative Enquiry 60% of A Level This is an externally assessed unit in which you have a choice of starting points which are very open ended. You are required to research images using your own photography, internet, and books and also draw from life. Practical work is presented in a sketchbook which shows the clear development of a final piece which could be

a painting, sculpture, textile piece or any other creative idea. Art links will also be used for inspiration. The aim of the project is to meet the 4 Assessment Objectives used in marking the work – these cover drawing, use of media and idea development and use of art history sources, as well as producing a final outcome. Reflective annotation should be included in your sketchbook. You will be encouraged to develop your own ideas with the help and guidance of your teacher.

You will undertake a practical investigation into an idea, theme, issue or concept. This practical work will be supported by written material. The focus of the investigation will be identified independently by you and will lead to a finished outcome (a final piece of work). The investigation will demonstrate your ability to develop a cohesive line of argument whilst evidencing your practical skill. A wide range of techniques will be explored using an appropriate range of materials.

A Level Component 2 Externally Set Assignment: 40% of A Level

The question paper consists of a choice of questions to
be used as starting points. You will be required to choose one of these questions as the focus for your investigations. The question papers will be provided on 1st February or as soon as possible after this date. Following the preparatory period, you will undertake 15 hours of unaided supervised time in which they will develop an outcome or a series of outcomes.

Is there anything else I should know?

A level Art allows you to develop an exciting and extensive range of creative, communication and technical skills.
Art can mix very well with subjects such as Design & Technology, Media and History which deal with moral and social issues and support your understanding of art through cultures and history. They also support
you to explore personal attitudes and links to changes and events in society and how Art plays a huge part in recording history.