St John Plessington Catholic College

This is a two year course in Religious & Moral Education

The Key themes that underpin the units of study in General RE are my world and how I see it- my morality and how I live it - my faith and how I grow it. These ideas are a common thread woven through each unit topic which maps on to one or more of the themes. Consequently, the aims of each unit, studied over a two year period, are as follows:

To provide students with the opportunity to reflect upon and develop their own faith position.

Enable students to use a range of skills that will be valuable during their time in school and beyond.

Promote the moral, spiritual, and cultural development of each student.

Explore ethical and religious matters in regards to modern culture.

Provide students with the opportunity to learn about the wider community and other faiths.

Expectations of Students

Successful completion of the course is determined by:

  • Regular attendance – Students must be present for every lesson unless they are absent from school due to illness or any other authorised reason. General RElessons continue as normal during the exam periods.

  • Attitude to Lessons – Students are expected to engage actively in lessons through participation in class discussion and group work.

  • Written Evidence – Students will be provided with a course booklet which will serve as written evidence that they have successfully completed the course and engaged with the activities designed to reflect their spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

Course Content

In year 12 students will study the following topics:
Unit 1: Know thyself – In this unit students reflect on their own identity through a psychological test; the difference between personal faith and religion as well as techniques of meditation and discernment.
Unit 2: Love and relationships – In this unit students reflect on their own experience of the four kinds of love and how love and relationships contribute to our identity as persons. Students will also have an outsider speaker to speak to them about what makes a meaningful relationship.
Unit 3: Science and Religion (To be introduced next academic year 2019-20) – In this unit students critically explore modern scientific problems and reflect on their impact on society and faith. They will also engage in debates and discussions around issues of faith, society and science.

In Year 13 students will study the following topics:
Unit 1: World faiths - In this unit students will critically explore other faiths by focussing on issues of contemporary relevance and reflect on modern expressions of faith.
Unit 2: Peace and Justice – In this unit students will reflect on the notion of justice including reference to social justice and Catholic Social teachings. They will also critically engage in discussions about peace and conflict and have an opportunity for an outside speaker.
Unit 3: Leading a happier life – In this unit will reflect on the concept of happiness and the role of faith in the quest for happiness.