St John Plessington Catholic College

Intro LPs

All pupils at SJP follow Learning Programmes in all subjects each half term. The LPs are available under the faculty tabs on this section of the website for parents and pupils to access from home. They detail the programme of study for each subject, setting out the knowledge, skills and understanding you child will be taught. The Learning Programmes also signpost the assessment procedures including the homework that will be set each week.

It is really important that parents take an active interest in the learning that their child is experiencing. By following the Learning Programmes parents can supplement the work being done in College through further enrichment activities or independent study.

The Learning Programmes cover the content required by the National Curriculum in the following subjects: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Design & Technology, Information Communication Technology, Art, Citizenship, Drama, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and Physical Education.
In years 7 and 8 pupils are mainly taught in

mixed ability groups, apart from in Mathematics and Science, where they are set according to ability. In Years 8 and 9 pupils are also taught in ability sets in English.

At the end of the Learning Programme, that is, every half term, you will recieve a report which will give you information about your child's progress in the subjects they are studying and an indication of their end of year and end of key stage targets.

Both effort and attainment are assessed so that you can see the fullest possible picture of your child's progress through the year. All pupils transfer their progress grades to their planners and exercise books so that they too can see how well they are doing. As well as half termly reports parents will receive a pupil Achievement Plan each term. Achievement Plans are written by our Learning Coaches who are attached to each Year Group. Learning Coaches meet with every pupil in the Year Group, once per term, to review overall progress and

achievements and to set personalised targets for improvement.

Consultation Days
Consultation Days are held once a year when you will have opportunity to discuss your child's progress in their Learning Programmes fully with subject teachers. The rest of the College closes for the day for those pupils not involved in these meetings. An appointment system is operated so that you can choose times suitable to your day. A letter is sent out well in advance informing you of times and dates.