St John Plessington Catholic College

About the Course:

This course is a BTEC First Diploma, equivalent to four GCSEs at Grade C or above. It is suitable for those students who wish to follow the vocational route in Sixth Form and is a one year course. This course focuses on various Health and Social Care aspects, is studied over one year and is divided  into six units.


Students will complete a portfolio on each of the six units:

Unit 1 Communication and Individual Rights in Health and Social Care
Students will:

  • Investigate ways of promoting effective communication
  • Examine barriers to effective communication
  • Explore diversity and equality in society
  • Investigate how the principles of the Care Value Base can be used to promote the rights of individuals and significant others

Unit 2 Individual Needs within the Health and Social Care sectors
Students will:

  • Explore the everyday needs of individuals in society
  • Examine factors that influence the health and needs of individuals
  • Investigate potential hazards in health and social care environments
  • Examine the main principles of health and safety legislation and guidelines for Health and Social Care environments

Unit 4 Cultural Diversity in Health and Social Care settings
Students will:

  • Explore the diversity of individuals in society
  • Examine practices in different religious or secular beliefs
  • Investigate factors that influence the equality of opportunity for individuals in society
  • Examine the rights of individuals in Health and Social Care environments

Unit 5 Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Social Care
Students will:

  • Investigate the organisation of the human body
  • Understand the structure, function and interrelationship of major body systems
  • Investigate how monitoring body systems through routine measurement and observations can indicate malfunction
  • Examine malfunctions in body systems and the resultant needs of patients/service users

Unit 6 Human Lifespan Development
Students will:

  • Investigate the developmental changes that occur at different life stages
  • Explore positive and negative influences on individuals at different life stages
  • Examine the factors that can influence an individual’s self-concept
  • Investigate changing care needs at different life stages

Unit 9 The Impact of Diet on Health
Students will:

  • Investigate the dietary needs of individuals at different life stages
  • Examine the effects of unbalanced diets on the health of individuals
  • Investigate specific dietary needs of patients/service users
  • Explore the principles of food safety and hygiene

Assessment will be via a range of assignments completed throughout each unit. These will be assessed internally and moderated externally by the
examination board (Edexcel). Each of the units will be graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction. These grades are the equivalent of grades C to A at GCSE
Level. There is no external examination in this course.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care is a Level 2 course and is designed for students who are not yet ready to move on to the demands of A Level courses. The course is highly regarded and will provide a good progression route either to further study in the Sixth Form at A Level or to
employment. Students wishing to progress into A Level studies need to achieve a Merit grade or above.

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