St John Plessington Catholic College

Footsteps to the Cross


Jesus is condemned – Atrium


Jesus, who was at your side, even your closest friends, deserted you. No one would speak up for you. Lord, how often do we dessert you fail to stand by you? When we see our brothers and sisters in need, when we see the despised, marginalised, ridiculed and we do not help.

Jesus carries the cross – RE Corridor

Jesus, you carried your cross and you were pushed through the narrow streets of Jerusalem. Shop holders ignored you, and the people shopping abused, and jeered and spat at you. They saw it a bit of a laugh. We also are tempted to laugh at or ignore or make cruel jokes about others. Help us to remember that what we doe to them, we really do to you.

Jesus falls the first time – Yr 11 Corridor

Jesus you lay yourself down over the troubled waters of my life. It is my wrong doing, my selfishness that brings you to your knees. Help me to appreciate the effect of my selfishness and help me to pick myself up so that I may start again.

Jesus meets his mother - SENCO

Lord among the crowd you see your mother’s face. You must have remembered your childhood days with Mary, when she held you and bathed your grazed knee and kissed you better. Now you see her face full of sorrow. In our life may we also know your mother’s comfort. Like you may we reach out to her in love.

Simon helps Jesus carry the cross - Drama

Jesus, your friends are nowhere to be found. So Simon is forced to help you carry your cross. How many times do we have to be pressed into your service? How often are we unwilling to carry the crosses that we have been given in our lives. Give us strength to serve you willingly.

Veronica wipes Jesus’ face - Science

Jesus, we thank you for the courage of Veronica, who risked all to wipe away the tears, the blood and the sweat from your eyes. So often we see you face in the homeless, the lonely, the sick those who are unhappy. So often we do not have the time or the inclination to wipe away their tears. Help us to hold out the towel of love to those in need.

Jesus falls a second time – Assisi

Jesus, the scriptures tell us that you were brought lower than any other person, and you did this out of love for us, that you might be a bridge to the Father in heaven. Help us to be humble and that in our turn we might be a bridge to others so that they might also find their way to the Father.

The women weep for Jesus - PE

Jesus, even in your agony you try to comfort the women of Jerusalem.

When I am hungry give me someone to feed.

When I am thirsty give water for their thirst

When I am sad, someone to lift from sorrow.

Jesus falls the third time – IT

Greater love has no one than to lay down their life for their friends. Jesus, how often do you show your love for us? And still we do not understand. Fill our hearts with your love that in return we may love.

Jesus is stripped – Chapel

Jesus, for you as a Jew it was a great loss of dignity to be unclothed in public. Yet you went through all this for us. So often we cloth ourselves with pride. Help us to empty ourselves of destructive pride. Help us to serve you and our brothers and sisters.

Jesus is nailed to the cross - History

We cannot begin to imagine the pain you went through when those nails were driven into you hands and feet. You suffered this because you loved us. Help us to rid ourselves of all the things in our lives that hurts you. Help us bring joy not pain to those we meet.

Jesus Dies on the cross- Science – Upstairs

 “At the twelfth hour darkness covered the land” Jesus you died for love of us. Lord we thank you for dying for us, help us to live for you. 

Jesus is taken down from the cross – Maths

Jesus, at last your mother can hold you in her arms again, your friends can be near you. What are their thoughts their feelings. Perhaps they think you are a failure? That all you promised has come to nothing? Jesus so often we are full of doubts, feeling lost, finding things difficult to believe. But we do believe in you.

Jesus is placed in the tomb – English

Jesus, you are dead a buried, laid to rest. Darkness has come and the Devil thinks he has won. But we know different you are building a bridge between life and death. You have conquered the sin and evil that troubles us. In a few short days you will shine.