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About the Course:

This subject is offered as an A Level course in the Art and Design group of subjects. Textiles is a very creative, practical art-based course. The ability to use a sewing machine is essential as its use is fundamental to many of the new techniques taught. Students use fabrics and stitch to develop ideas through investigation into a given topic. Students select and use materials and techniques appropriately as a result of research into artists from all media as well as textile artists.

Students are expected to have a real interest in art, design and textiles. They should be interested in colour and texture and want to creatively experiment with textiles techniques. They should be able to develop innovative ideas into practical textile outcomes using artists, designers and craftspeople to inspire them. Students must be prepared to spend time visiting exhibitions, galleries and taking photographs to help with design ideas.


There are 2 units of work in AS and 2 further units in A2. These are intended to form the basis on which students develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of textiles techniques. Students must record observations, experiences and ideas and develop them through textiles. Students need to demonstrate that they can realise the full potential of their ideas through the techniques of textiles. They must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contextual references, extracting useful information about working methods through research into the work of others. Units 1 and 3 are personal study units undertaken in the form of coursework completed in College and at home. Units 2 and 4 are exam units completed under timed exam conditions of 8 hours for AS and 12 hours for A2.


Unit 1 Textile Art & Design Coursework
60% of AS mark (30% of overall A Level mark)

Unit 2 Textile Art & Design Externally-set assignment
40% of AS mark (20% of overall A Level mark)


Unit 3 Textile Art & Design Coursework (practical work and personal study)

60% (30% of overall A Level mark)

Unit 4 Textile Art & Design Externally-set assignment
40% (20% of overall A Level mark)

Is there anything else I need to know?

The course combines well with many of the humanities subjects such as History, Sociology or Psychology where art appreciation can overlap with ideas explored in these types of courses. Other creative courses such as English and Drama can also make a good combination with textiles.

Progression Routes

Art and Design Textiles is a sound foundation for many further and higher education courses as it combines creativity, skill and knowledge. It is particularly useful for students looking to work in any of the art, design, fashion or textiles industries as well as for those wishing to study an art foundation course prior to university.

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