St John Plessington Catholic College

Emmaus Walk

On Friday our Year 12 pupils took part in the Emmaus Walk up Moel Famau. This is one of many Sixth Form charity events, raising money for The Wirral Foodbank.

We all gathered in the school hall for an introduction to the day by Gerard. He explains the purpose of the walk is to enable the students to take some time out of their normal routine and to share each other’s story as they complete the walk. This walk is closely linked to the Emmaus walk taken by Christ. After everyone was accounted for, the buses eventually arrived and we set off on our journey. Typically as we approached Wales, the heavens opened and it began to rain. Once off the bus the walk began.
Again there were some smiling faces, accompanies by shouts of “my hair is going to get frizzy!” It wasn’t Mr Ledsham!

Following a very small road we arrived at the starting point, and after a quick play on the swings, we set off to conquer the “mountain” as many students called it. The first part of the walk was steep and once we had passed the wooden chicken, the incline became steeper. The rain seemed to fade and the path opened up to allow some wonderful sights of North Wales. Many students took this opportunity to take some photos and enjoy the view. As the first group approached the final stretch, the incline was again increased and this was a particularly challenging part of the walk. Wet, slippy rocks and tired students made it a tough final push to the top... but it was worth it! Although there was a lot of mist around the summit of Moel Famau, the breathtakingly fantastic views were worth the effort. As I stood at the top cheering and congratulating the approaching groups of students, the joy on their faces was great to see. Many had overcome personal challenges to get to the top and there were many proud moments of students helping and supporting each other to reach the top together. After some lunch, a few group photos and meeting up with St Mary’s Catholic College at the top, we descended down another route to experience many sheep crossing the path. Across the hills you could her singing, laughing and some “tunes” being played. The students were really “sharing their stories”. Once at the bottom car park, “the drone” made an appearance and captured the student’s final section of
the walk, and again some students enjoying playing on the swings!!! One final push back to the coach, and the walk was completed. It was a very different coach ride home.
Gone was the loud chatter, the singing and the excitement of the day, replaced by closed eyes, coats used as blankets and a low murmur of chatter. It was a peaceful time.
We arrived back at school and off the students went having conquered a mountain, laughed and shared their stories.