St John Plessington Catholic College

Why not Travel with Arriva?

Parents can now purchase an Arriva student bus pass for their child and pay by monthly direct debit. Not only will this save them from having to find change for the bus fare each day, but it could also save them money. Student bus passes are charged at £30/month for students who are 18 and under. This could be quite a saving for those who already catch an Arriva bus if you consider that a child's day ticket is £3.50 and a child week ticket is £10.

The student tickets can be sent to the child’s home address as a smart card or they can have the ticket on their phone as an m-ticket. The ticket has no time and day restrictions, so it can be used for an evening and at weekends too.

Should they wish to purchase a ticket for their child, parents would do this directly through this webpage, Parents won’t be tied into this direct debit for a set period of time and can cancel whenever they like.


Click here to download the flyer