St John Plessington Catholic College


On Wednesday 4th October 9 of our Year 8 students joined Headteachers from across the Diocese of Shrewsbury for their first Mini-Dash (Diocesan Association of Secondary Headteachers) of the year.

The theme of the day was centred around leadership and our students were asked to consider what they thought were good leadership qualities.  Students were then given the opportunity to quiz a number of Headteachers in small groups about the importance of leadership in Catholic Schools which prompted many meaningful discussions.  

Following lunch students were asked to look at what scripture tells us about how we should lead and it was lovely to hear students reflect on the idea that to be a good leader prayer and Christ has to be at the centre of everything that we do.
Following on from these great discussions, students have been asked to prepare a short presentation on how we promote Catholic Social Teaching at St John Plessington.  This is going to be a really exciting project as our 9 students will look at everything we do as a College and highlight where the values of stewardship, dignity, peace and the common good shine through.  
We are exceptionally proud of the students who represented our Catholic College today and are looking forward to sharing their work with the whole community.