St John Plessington Catholic College

SJP Experience 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

SJP Experience: Monday 4th July – Friday 15th July 2022

As part of our Catholic ethos, we take very seriously our role as educators to ensure that children leave the College with a strong sense of their own mission and stewardship. We want our students to leave SJP with a desire to serve and to become the next generation of leaders. We call the preparation for this ‘The SJP Experience’ which aims to develop the academic, professional and character skills required to be successful in life, so that all students can make the most of their abilities and interests and fulfil their true potential. The SJP Experience begins as students join our community in Year 7 and becomes a journey throughout their time at SJP.

In line with our motto ‘Aspire not to have more but to be more’, enrichment activities provide our students with the opportunity to broaden their horizons through participation in new experiences, extending their learning outside of the classroom through curriculum linked projects, trips and extra-curricular activities. These experiences will also allow them to build relationships within our College Community.

It goes without saying that since March 2020, COVID has had a huge impact on us as individuals, families and communities. For the past 2 years, we have all faced many challenges, which have hindered the experiences available to us and our students. As we continue to move forwards with increased normality, and in preparation for the new academic year, we felt it was a key opportunity to relaunch the SJP Experience to all students.

Starting from next week (Monday 4th July) we will be holding Experience Days. During this time, the normal school timetable will be collapsed and students will work within a range of Personal Development activities based around key areas of Community, Diversity and Eco. Each department has planned activities within their subjects that link to these topics. Students will also have opportunities to develop their own character and their understanding of the virtues of compassion, honesty, gratitude, integrity, justice, humility and respect. They will have the chance to demonstrate application of these virtues, as well as improving their own self confidence. A key element of the Experience Days will be allocated time for reflection, allowing students to not only participate in exciting and inspiring activities, but to also consider what they have learnt and how it has impacted upon them. 

All students will have an assembly over the next 2 days, explaining the plan for the Experience Days. On Friday, your child will be given a personalised itinerary, which will be their timetable for next week. It is essential that they bring this with them each day as it outlines which subject area they will be in and the rooms they will be in for each session. A letter with details regarding the activities your child will be involved in will also be sent to you via ParentMail.

Please be aware, that even though alternative activities will take the place of normal lessons next week, the expectations of the children are still exactly the same as the normal school day in terms of uniform, appearance and attitudes to learning. The structure of the school day and timings of lessons will remain the same.

We are really excited about the next 2 weeks and the experiences our students will be involved in. For any students who may be anxious about the changes, please reassure them that Form Tutors, Heads of Learning and Learning Coaches will also take time to speak with them ahead of Monday to ensure they are fully aware of the details.

If you have any questions regarding ‘The SJP Experience’ please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Head of Learning via the relevant team email address.

Yours sincerely


Mrs V Harris-Jones

Assistant Headteacher