St John Plessington Catholic College


Dear Parent/Carer,


I wrote to you on 8th July 2021 to invite nominations for the vacancy for a parent local governor.

I am delighted to say that there has been a good response and there are three candidates for the one vacancy. This means we must now hold a ballot.

All students have been given a physical copy of this letter with the following:

  • A ballot paper with the names of the candidates (in alphabetical order)
  • A copy of the personal statements from the candidates who are: 

            Mr B Davies

            Dr A Fatokun

            Mrs E Morris

  • A return envelope

You may vote for one of the candidates. All parents can submit one ballot paper, regardless of the number of pupils you have attending the school. As indicated on the ballot paper you should vote by marking an ‘X’ alongside the name of the parent you support.

Once you have marked the ballot paper you should seal it in the envelope. This should then be put in the ballot box, which can be found in reception by the end of the school day on 4th October. If it is not possible for you to vote in person, please return to the following address: 

Returning Officer

St John Plessington Catholic College

Old Chester Rd



CH63 7LF

The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn.

When the election has been completed, I will let you know the outcome. If, in the meantime, you have any queries, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Returning Officer