St John Plessington Catholic College

Message from the Head Teacher 8-Jul-20

Dear Parents & Carers

I just wanted to let you know that we are responding to the latest government guidance released last week to plan for September. Mrs Sharratt will be writing to you next week to give you clearer details of the plans but I think it’s important that you have some broad brushstrokes.

What is clear is the expectation that all schools will re-open for the new academic year for all pupils. Attendance will be compulsory and not optional. We are now beginning to plan for that, working to the guidance we have been given and ensuring those plans are risk assessed. We will likely re-integrate pupils with a staggered start to the year to allow us to bring in year groups (separately initially) for a period of re-integration and induction. 

Our challenge is to then get all the pupils back into school as safely as possible in September. We will have to make some adjustments to the structure of the day as an interim measure and it will mean year groups largely operating in a ‘bubble’ system where it is possible to do so. The aim of this will be to minimize the contact that takes place between pupils. Year groups are likely to have separate lunchtimes and are more likely to remain in the same classrooms for their lessons. There are many issues around catering and transport facilities which we are consulting on. I’ve already had some enquiries about uniform. Please work on the basis that pupils will need to follow the current policy to which there have been no changes. I would strongly urge you to use the online ordering services of our suppliers.

Thank you for your patience and support throughout this difficult period in our lives. Once we have those plans approved we will share them with you and explain the rationale behind some of those decisions. 

Thank you for now.

Simon Rylance