St John Plessington Catholic College

Maths – Hegarty Maths

Dear Parents/Carer

Maths – Hegarty Maths

I am writing to inform you of a regular site that we use in Maths to help your child succeed in our subject. Hegarty Maths is an online learning space that deploys a variety of questions on different topics. 

Each week, your child will be set a homework assignment to complete on the site, which has an inbuilt support function should they require help in completing the task. They should click on the ‘need help’ button in the right of the screen for each question if they are struggling, which will redirect them to a video that will support them in answering the question. We would ask that students use their maths exercise book when they complete their homework to show all the necessary steps in their working out. This will also support them in the importance of showing how they have reached a calculation.

Each student has an account set up on Hegarty Maths. When logging on for the first time, they will be asked which school they attend. Students will then need to use their name and date of birth to access their account. Students will also be asked to create a password; we recommend that your child uses ‘plessington’. There is a password reset button if your child needs to reset this. If they have any issues with this, they should speak with their Maths teacher in the first instance.

If there are any issues with digital learning provision, please be aware that we have computers available for use in our library after school. It may also be possible to borrow a computer from school. Please contact the HOL team if this is something you feel may be required.

If you have any questions regarding Hegarty Maths, please contact Miss McCann (Second in Maths) or Mrs Jones (Head of Maths) by emailing the school office at

Yours faithfully


Mrs K Jones

Head of Maths