St John Plessington Catholic College

Letter to Parents - 02-04-20

Dear Parents and Carers

I just wanted to write to you before we officially break for the Easter holiday. It is an Easter break unlike no other we have experienced before and I'm sure the Holy Week days will prompt us to reflect on our own lives, our personal faith journeys and indeed how we re-evaluate our values as a society in light of the crisis. I hope you and your families are keeping well and coping with the restrictions placed on us all. Please do let us know if you are in need of any support that you think we can be of help with and we will endeavour to do our best for you. Please use the following  email address for this purpose:

I have received many messages of gratitude for the work of the staff at SJP in setting and monitoring work for your child through the Google Classroom facility. I don't take their efforts for granted but am not surprised either at their ongoing commitment to the pupils in their classes. I know one or two parents have been frustrated at getting emails when it appears that work hasn't been completed and some of you have expressed concern at the volume of work given. Please don't take it personally and don't worry if all the work isn't getting done. The Learning Platform is our attempt to support you and your child in keeping their minds active, keeping them off the Play Station and helping them have a routine each day. You of course need to manage that experience and will make a judgement as to what is in their best interests and that's fine by me, although I would urge parents of Year 12 and Year 10 students in particular to really push them to keep up with what teachers are setting. These are crucial times for them. Please encourage your children to build in some exercise into their daily routine, to read, to do some cooking, to do the daily chores and if the weather allows to help in the garden!  If there's one good thing that has already emerged from the crisis it is the opportunity to do things as a family.

Just to be clear, I am not expecting staff to be setting work for the next two weeks. We are entering a two week holiday away from the demands of school. Staff need a break and they too have found it difficult to manage their workload whilst juggling their own family circumstances. They have been asked to set some tasks to do over the break, as they ordinarily would for a Christmas or Easter break, but please don't expect them to be working during the fortnight ahead. I know you will appreciate their efforts. 

For those families experiencing difficulties please have a look at the attached guidance from Wirral LA which may be of use to you. (Click Here)

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding at this difficult time. Stay safe

Simon Rylance 

Head Teacher