St John Plessington Catholic College

Letter from the Head Teacher 24.03.2020

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you are keeping safe and well. These are extra-ordinary times and we’re being asked to do extra-ordinary things! I’m sure you will be instilling in your children the need to be responsible in their actions, the importance of keeping themselves safe, staying indoors and following the same guidance we all have to in strictly limiting the time they are out and about.

Thank you for your very positive support for the work we have done in getting ‘Google Classroom’ up and running. Already on our Facebook page parents have been very generous in their recognition of the efforts of staff, not just in setting work but for responding to it. It is vital that your child is already in good habits; getting up at a reasonable time and working to their time-table as far as possible. Can you also encourage them to spend time reading every day? Use this opportunity to get them into a good book, put the Play Station or X Box away and stretch themselves academically. If you have any issues over the work, our staff are available every school day to support you and will endeavour to keep our lines of communication open as far as possible.

Just a couple of points on that. Our phone lines in school are closed as a result of the restrictions we are under. However if you have any problems or need to let us know of illness please use our email to let us know. Secondly if any parents or carers have any concerns of a safeguarding nature we have set up a bespoke email address for you to contact us by email: This will be monitored daily by Designated Safeguarding Leads on our Senior Leadership Team. If there are serious concerns you should inform the ‘Integrated Front Door’ service at the Local Authority or if any doubt ring the police.

We have had a few queries regarding work for Year 11. It’s very difficult to give you advice at this stage as we are still in the dark as to how GCSE grades are going to be awarded this year and what the rationale will be. I’ve asked Heads of Department to begin to set up materials on Google Classroom for those pupils who have been offered a place in our 6th Form according to the subject choices they have made. These taster materials will give them opportunities to bridge the knowledge gap between now and A-Level so that they can hit the ground running in September. This is a particularly difficult period for them so the more they can stay active academically the better they will be when normality returns. 

Finally, I have informed parents of those pupils eligible for free school meals that they should have received an email with supermarket e-vouchers today and to contact school if they have not received them. If you are in that category and haven’t received them please get in touch. Likewise, if you are experiencing particular need, we are here to support you and your child and will do whatever we can. Do not suffer in silence! I want you to know that our staff are working brilliantly behind the scenes to ensure your child is well looked after. We pride ourselves on this and whether it is a pastoral or academic need, it is our responsibility to ensure we are doing our bit. Thanks in particular to all our parents who are working in the caring professions, whether it’s in the NHS, care homes or other front line services. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep going!!