St John Plessington Catholic College

Google Classroom Transition 2022

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Dear Families

At SJP we recognise the importance of remote learning.  As a school, we use Google Classroom for homework and independent learning tasks.  We have found this to be successful and it has enabled students to continue their learning remotely and interact with their teachers.

We have taken this opportunity to set all of our new Year 7 students up on the Google Classroom platform. Initially, students will have access to two classrooms - Yr 7 (22-23) and their Form classroom, for example 7MT (22-23).  We believe this will be a nice first step in getting to know the students and to try to alleviate some of the anxieties or worries that they may be experiencing at this time. 

The Google Classroom facility is secure in that there will be no function for class stream/chat therefore students will not communicate with each other. However, Mrs Austin and Ms Mello, along with their form tutors will be able to post activities and class messages to the students. 

Should students need to get in touch, they can do so with a direct message to the teacher.  If there are any concerns that are not in relation to the activities set, please could I request that all concerns or enquiries are sent via email to   Both myself, Mrs Austin and Ms Mello will be posting messages twice a week (Monday and Friday).  There will also be weekly messages from their form tutors.  We hope that in this way the new members of our SJP family will begin to feel part of the SJP community as they embark upon their seven year journey with us. 

Various activities will be posted such as quizzes, competitions and reading tasks and we encourage students to complete these assignments as it is a positive way of preparing them for September. 

When new messages or activities are posted within this classroom, students will be notified but we do encourage them to try and access Google Classroom over the course of the break, at a time that best suits you. The first activity we will be asking students to complete is an ‘All About Me’ booklet. This will then be given to their form tutor so that they can begin to get to know the students within their form. 

We do appreciate that all students will have different levels of access to technology. I can assure you that we will keep it simple and ensure everything is accessible regardless of the device that is being used. We also understand that some students may not have access to the internet or a device to access Google Classroom. If this applies to your child, then please let us know via our transition email address and we will ensure alternative materials are sent out to students.

We have a video recording on how to access Google Classroom on our website, alternatively, please see below for all details needed to access Google Classroom:

  • How can my child access Google Classroom?

This can be accessed via the website from a laptop or computer. If you have access to smart devices (smart phones/tablets) there is also a free Google Classroom App that can be downloaded where students can access their specific classes.

  • How does my child log on to Google Classroom?

Each student has a unique log in (username) and password.

Username – This is your child’s 6 digit date of birth and their initials in capitals (initials are their legal forename and surname) with the school domain following

Password – This is the same as the beginning of the username (6 digit date of birth and initials in capitals).

Example for John Doe:

Username – (6 digit date of birth, initials in capitals & school domain).

Password – 010106JD (6 digit date of birth & initials in capitals).

For security, when your child logs in for the first time they will be asked to change their password. We recommend students write this new password down so they do not forget what they have set. 

  • How does my child access the Yr7 Transition 2022 Google Classroom?

Once your child has logged in, they will see their home page. There will only be two classes on here called ‘Yr 7 22-23’ and their Form class. Students should then click on their classes and it will allow them to enter and read any messages in the class stream. This is where they access any activities to be completed.

  • What if my child’s log in doesn’t work?

Please email us at and we will be able to help. 

We are aware that for many families, this may be all very new.  The aim of Google Classroom is to help our new Year 7 students with a smooth transition and to alleviate any worries or anxieties they may have.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to welcoming all of our new Year 7 students to SJP.

Yours sincerely

Ms Gascoigne

Assistant Head Teacher