St John Plessington Catholic College

Google Classroom – Distance Learning Strategy

In the event that the school does have to close due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, students will be able to continue their studies via Google Classroom. Teachers have been working hard to ensure that this is all up and running. Each teacher has set up a class within Google Classroom that their students can access whilst they are not in school. This facility enables teachers to upload resources, assignments, tasks and include links to relevant learning websites. Your child has been given a sheet with the relevant class codes needed for them to access their subject classes. They have also been told what their username and password is to access Google Classroom. However, please see below for detailed instructions to follow when using Google Classroom.

  • How can my child access Google Classroom?

This can be accessed via the website from a laptop or computer. If you have access to smart devices (smart phones/tablets) there is also a free Google Classroom App that can be downloaded, where students can access their specific classes.

  • How does my child log on to Google Classroom?

Each student has a unique log in (username) and password.

Username – This is your child’s current username for the school’s network (date of birth & initials in lower case) with the school domain following.

Password – This is the same as the beginning of the username but with the initials in capitals.

Example for John Doe:

Username - (6 digit date of birth, initials in lowercase, school domain).

Password – 010106JD (6 digit date of birth, initials in capitals).

  • How does my child access a class for each subject?

Subject teachers have created a classroom for all of their teaching groups. These classes will be titled with the subject/class code and the teacher’s name (E.G. 7a/Pe1 Mrs Jones). On creating a class, teachers have generated a unique Google Classroom code, which allows only those students within that class to access the materials. 

Following log in to Google Classroom, students should then go to the top right of the screen where they will see a ‘+’ sign. Students must click on this and select ‘join class’. A box will then appear on screen where students must enter the class code for that particular subject and then click join.

  • My child has lost their sheet with the individual class codes and log in details, what can we do?

For usernames and passwords please see above.

For individual subject class codes please refer to your child’s year group class code table, which has been sent via ParentMail with this letter. Look for the relevant subject, the specific class code (a - alpha or b - beta) and the individual teacher of your child. You will then find the Google Classroom code next to this information.

  • Once my child has joined a class what should they do then?

Once a student has accessed the individual class, there will be directions in there from the individual teacher for what needs to be completed. 

  • What if my child’s login doesn’t work?

Please refer to the school’s website for all help and advice should there be any issues with logging on.

Please use the online form on ParentMail to request help.

If you don't have  ParentMail please follow this link <> for online support. 

  • When does my child need to complete the work?

Students should follow their normal timetable for that specific day. Of course, we are not expecting students to stick to actual lesson times unless you wanted to facilitate this. However, in order to ensure a guided routine we do expect students to access the 5 individual subjects that they would have for that day if they were in school. Students have timetables in their planners, which they use on a daily basis so that they know which lessons they have. As a reminder we are currently on week 1, week beginning 23rd March will be week 2 and the weeks then continue to alternate. Students are also encouraged to continue with independent learning, including revision in preparation for GCSE and A-Level examinations. 

Please be aware that Google Classroom will be used as our main virtual learning environment, we expect all students to be accessing the classes to complete the relevant work. However, in some subjects teachers may signpost students, via Google Classroom, to tasks on Sam Learning and/or Mathswatch. Please see below for a reminder of how your child can also access these programmes.



USER ID: (date of birth + initials)  E.G. 010106jd

PASSWORD: (date of birth + initials) E.G. 010106jd


Username: (date of birth + initials@sjpcc) E.G. 010106jd@sjpcc

Password: plessington

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support in an extremely difficult situation. Our students are our priority and we will endeavour to ensure that they have every opportunity to continue with their learning.