St John Plessington Catholic College

Eco Drive - Power Down!

The Geography department would like to present our newest campaign to improve our Ecological footprint, Power Down!

Power Down is an initiative putting our pupils at the forefront of saving energy, by reducing our overall energy use, which in turn, reduces our contribution towards the ever changing climate. Only recently has climate change been making the news following the Australian bushfire disaster, we are looking for our students to make a difference. We are asking our students to get on board with our ‘Eco schools’ targets of becoming a ‘greener’ environment to work in. Pupils are asked to produce a poster that can be used around school to advertise our initiative. To save energy by switching off the lights when we don’t need them and any switches that may be wasting energy. The winning poster will be used to promote the cause throughout school, and will receive a £10 Amazon gift voucher. Remember we are looking for eye catching posters with a clear message. Hand in your designs to the Geography department no later than 31st January 2020.

To work alongside this, over the next few weeks, we are asking our students to put themselves forward to become the next ‘Eco reps’ at St. John Plessington and work together to meet the overall objective of reducing our carbon footprint! If you are interested, write a letter addressed to the Geography department explaining what you can bring to the Eco team and why you think you would suit the role! We are looking to appoint two Eco repsper year group, to represent the views of their peers. The deadline for submission to the Geography department is no later than 7th February 2020.