St John Plessington Catholic College

Congratulations to Our Year 13 Students


As a community, we are very proud of our Year 13 students and their achievements during their journey with us. They have enriched our lives, made invaluable contributions to the school and been a privilege to teach. 

We are pleased that they will be studying at institutions the length and breadth of the country in a wide range of subjects and we look forward to hearing about their future successes and to them inspiring future generations of learners at SJP.

I would like to formally acknowledge their hard work, dedication and commitment to their studies and wider college community and that of their teachers and support staff. 

As you will appreciate, on results days there are always queries, anomalies, admin issues and support with Clearing and this year, in addition to the usual queries, we have been faced with significant downgrading of our centre assessed grades across the vast majority of subjects. I am very concerned that it would appear many of our centre assessed grades have been ignored as exam boards have applied statistical modelling based on a range of factors beyond our control. In some cases, this has meant that our students have not got in to their university of choice. As a school, we followed Ofqual guidance meticulously and we adhered to a rigorous process in order to arrive at accurate and representative centre assessed grades and rank order; this included full moderation and standardisation of results across all subjects by experienced staff. At SJP, we are dismayed that the grades that have been awarded do not represent the ability of our students.  We firmly believe that our students would have achieved better results had they have been able to sit the examinations.  Indeed, our internal assessment data indicates this clearly.

With this in mind, I would like to reassure you that once the government has provided updated guidance on the appeals process, we will be using all available evidence to appeal the results awarded so that they more accurately reflect the ability of our students. We will do all we can to have the hard work of our students recognised.

I do hope that students are celebrating with friends and family at this time and looking forward to the next stage of their journey and I join you in celebrating that success. As a truly comprehensive school, I feel that in the interest of fairness, social justice and social mobility, I am duty bound to appeal these results so that we can be certain that we have done all we can to have the ability and potential of our students recognised.


Simon Rylance                                                Maria Sharratt

Headteacher                                                   Deputy Headteacher