St John Plessington Catholic College

Careers Industry Day

At St John Plessington Catholic College we are committed to providing an effective careers education programme to help prepare our students for their chosen career path. As they progress through the school, students are increasingly encouraged to take opportunities to add to their skills and experience in ways that will prepare them for the future. We aim to offer students the opportunity to explore a wide range of career paths and support them in their decision-making through individual advice and guidance.

The Career /Industry day for Years 8 to 13 also addresses Gatsby benchmark 2 Learning from career and labor markets, benchmark 5 encounters with employers and employees and benchmark 7 Encounters with Further and higher education. It will also assist Year 9 in selecting their options. The main aims of the event were:

  • to raise students’ awareness of a wide range of career and educational opportunities
  • to provide access to people working directly in a variety of sectors who are able to offer advice and guidance
  • to help students make informed decisions about their future by encouraging them to seek out information regarding courses and career paths which interest them
  • to help students begin to prepare for a chosen career path as early as possible and begin to build up relevant skills and experience

It was attended by local employers e.g Airbus, Unilever, Autism together, Mersey Port authority and the Village Hotel and local providers of apprenticeships and courses e.g TTE, Andrew. A number of |Universities also attend and the armed forces.

Thank you to all that attended.