St John Plessington Catholic College

Beauty & the Beast Performance

SJP were proud to present Disney's Beauty and the Beast this week. With strong characters and lively storytelling, pupils of SJP kept audience members enchanted with dazzling vocals and captivating dialogue as they told the story of Belle and her journey of self discovery as she attempts to rescue her Mother from the claws of the Beast. Pupils from all year groups took to the stage and stunned with their polished performances.

We met all of our well-loved Disney characters; Lumier, Cogsworht, Mrs Potts and Chip along with Gaston and Lefou graced the stage and brought with them a horde of villagers and castle objects as they entertained us for close to two hours. Audience members were left speechless by the fantastic performances of all pupils and it was fantastic to see new talent coming to the forefront in leading roles. Pupils once again proved that hard-work and commitment truly pays off and once again demonstrating the high quality performances SJP are renowned for.

Congratulations to all pupils involved for a performance to remember and for your invitation to be your guest for the evening.  

Niamh Lester Belle
Tomas Vega Beast  
Harry Loach Lumiere
Jack Kelly Gaston
Daniel Edge Little Lumiere
Cameron Clarke  Cogsworth
Ciara Lester Marie
Ellie Dinnen Mrs Potts
Caitlin Fullerton Babette
Maggie Patino Murphy Lefou 
Abigail Bailey Narrator / Old Beggar Woman
Isabelle cartmell  Chip
Mary Tootill  Madame  De La Grand Bouche
Lennon Meadows Monsieur D'Arque
Maddie Mitchell SIlly Girl 
Ellie Smith  SIlly Girl 
Sophie Mitchell SIlly Girl 
Amy Armstrong Villager 
Daisy Fairley Villager 
Lily Ainsworth Villager 
Freya Price Villager 
Joseph Patino Murphy  Castle 
Anabelle Hughes-Ikpoh SIlly Girl 
Cael Johnson  Castle 
Andrew Sarson Villager 
Isabelle Hewitt Villager 
Florence O'Callaghan Villager 
Honey Ray Bailey Villager 
George Swift Villager 
Joseph Fletcher Villager 
Rhys Dakin-Mills Villager 
Tillie young Villager 
Maddison Hargreaves Villager 
Ella Palin Young Villager 
Jack Lally  Villager 
Grace Singleton   Villager 
Harriet Wooton Villager