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10-Feb-22 Bike Right - Yr 7

Dear Families

Bike Right - Yr 7

Following the success of the Summer School Bikeability Level 3 cycle training for our students, we have secured a three-day course with Bike Right called Own the Ride: Share the Road. This course is designed to develop road sense, awareness of traffic and to improve your child’s ability to ride safely.

Spaces on the Bike Right course are limited to 24 students and I would urge all students who use a bike or those who travel to and from school on their bike to take part in the training sessions. There will be two parts to the course, a theory and practical. Most of the practical training takes place on quiet local roads, giving children confidence to cycle more often in their local area. There will be no cost involved for the Bike Right course.

If you wish to book a place for your child on the Bike Right Own the Ride: Share the Road, please click on the following link:

The course will take place from 2nd March - 4th March, during the school day. Once your child has been registered, further details will be communicated nearer the time.

There are some prerequisites for completing the course, these are listed below:

Cycling Ability

Trainees must be able to ride a bike before starting the course, this includes the ability to control the bicycle and maintain balance whilst giving hand signals and being able to use gears, if fitted.


Although a basic safety check is carried out during the first session, it is your responsibility to

ensure that the bike is roadworthy, safe and the right size for the child. You will be notified of any faults and your child may be unable to continue on the course on the road until the faults are rectified or another suitable bike is available.

It is essential you check your child’s bike before the start of the course, especially that they have two working brakes.

If you would like your child to take part in the course but do not have a bike, please contact following course registration.


Students should be dressed for riding a bike comfortably in all weather conditions as training will go ahead regardless of the weather, unless it becomes unsafe. Waterproof/warm coats and gloves with grip are a good idea except in the warmest of weather. Flat shoes should be worn (e.g. school shoes or PE trainers that cover the feet and stay on securely).

Cycle Helmets

All students should wear a helmet whilst taking part in the Bike Right training. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to ensure that your child develops this important life skill and I hope that this will enable your child to continue to enjoy and improve their cycling, both in and out of school.

Yours sincerely


Ms Gascoigne

Assistant Head Teacher