St John Plessington Catholic College

Extended Certificate - CTEC 2 

OCR Level 2 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Media. This course is equivalent to one GCSE.

What will I learn about?

Unit 1: Introducing media products and audiences
This unit aims to allow learners to understand media institutions, how they work and the products they produce. Learners will understand production processes, target audiences, distribution and marketing through the analysis of media products.
Unit 13: Planning and producing a media product
By completing this unit learners will generate ideas for their own original media product. They will use one of their ideas to plan and produce a final original media product, gaining both pre-production and production skills.
Unit 40: Film and TV media products
By completing this unit learners will understand existing film and TV media products. Learners will be able to
plan for the production of a two-minute segment, for an original film or TV media product. They will gain some practical skills by producing and editing their own footage.

How is the course structured?

OCR Level 2 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Media is a one year course and content is broken down into units. Each unit is worth a specific amount of points and to successfully complete the course, pupils must complete each unit to the required minimum standard. Pupils must complete the selected three units in order to achieve the required amount of points.

How will my work be assessed?

The three units are assessed through coursework completion and this means that there is NO final written examination for these units. Each unit has a number of assignments to complete in order to fulfil the individual unit requirements. Within assignments, tasks will be completed to PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION level. Each individual assignment must be completed to the minimum required standard in order to pass the whole unit. All assignment tasks are coursework and contribute to the completion of the course.

On successful completion of a unit, points are awarded depending upon the level of completion and the size of the unit. At the end of the course, the points will be added from all three units to make a combined total points score. Overall Level 2 PASS - C grade.

Overall Level 2 MERIT - B grade.
Overall Level 2 DISTINCTION - A grade. Overall Level 2

DISTINCTION * - A* grade.

What can this qualification lead to?

Following a CTEC programme is an exciting way to study. It gives you the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that you will need in the world of work and university. CTEC courses put you more in charge of your own learning and allow extensive opportunities to develop the ability to work with independence. 100% of the course is assessed through coursework assignments. Each assignment will have a deadline, so you will need to be organised and have a mature attitude towards independent learning.

On successful completion of this course, you may wish to study the Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Digital Media or the Technical Diploma in Digital Media in Sixth Form. The Extended Certificate is equivalent to one A Level whilst the Technical Diploma is a double award and equivalent to two A Levels.

Either option will further develop and extend knowledge from previous units. Students will also have the opportunity to take on and study new topics within units. On successful completion of the Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Digital Media, students are then eligible to apply to university to continue their studies or vocations.

Possible university and career pathways:

• Digital Media
• Media Production
• Media and Communications Journalism and

• Media Digital Marketing