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About the Course

This subject is offered as an Applied A Level. If you have enjoyed science at KS4 but do not want to study separate sciences at degree level, then Applied Science could be for you. There are many areas of work that require people with science skills and analytical abilities that do not work in an explicitly scientific field. This means excellent job prospects, career opportunities and the breadth of your studies will be impressive. The course is portfolio-building (just like GCSE Applied Science) which means you can achieve a grade that you want by keeping up-to-date with your portfolio and  making adjustments suggested by staff.


Assessment in this course is 66% internal assessment and 33% external exam.


Investigating Science at Work
A portfolio of evidence is built around scientific industries, their work, health, safety and hazards.
33.3% of AS Level, internally assessed

Energy Transfer Systems
The only examination in AS, this unit covers circulatory and respiratory systems, monitoring, control and data capture and finally energy transfers
in machines.
33.3% of AS Level, externally assessed exam

Finding out about Substances
This is a chemistry based portfolio where an evidence base is built around practical investigations written in an industry report format.
33.3% of AS Level, internally assessed portfolio


Planning and Carrying Out a Scientific Investigation
This is an extended investigation where students plan and carry out an investigation to collect then analyse the data, drawing relevant conclusions.
16.7% of A Level, internally assessed portfolio

The Healthy Body
The only examination in A2, this unit covers the body’s homeostatic mechanisms, cellular respiration, the monitoring of certain factors in the
body and diet (including the structure and function of the digestivesystem).
16.7% of A Level, externally assessed exam

Sports Science
A portfolio of evidence is built up around the areas of Health and Fitness, Sports Injuries, First Aid and occupations involving the application of
Science in sport.
16.7% of A Level, internally assessed portfolio

Is there anything else I need to know?

This course would be suited to students who have followed the Applied Science courses in Years 10 and 11 and achieved a Grade C or above.

Progression Routes:

Applied Science is a good choice for students looking to progress into careers such as nursing, healthcare, sport science support services, laboratory technician, assisting with chemical, biological and physical research, education and manufacturing industries.

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