St John Plessington Catholic College

College Expectations

 General Behaviour

We expect our pupils to behave in a reasonable and courteous manner at all times, both in and out of school.
We encourage care for oneself, other people and the environment. Damage to property or persons or other anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Any deliberate or careless damage to premises, books and equipment must be paid for.

We do not allow pupils out of school unless they have the written permission of the Head Teacher.
We expect school uniform to be worn at all times and stress the need to clearly mark all items.

Anything which is valuable or dangerous should not be brought into school.
We are a non-smoking establishment and forbid smoking in school.

The College Council
The College Council is made up of elected representatives from each year group. The council meets frequently. It is a facility for pupils to raise issues and debate school policy.

Classroom Expectations

As members of a Christian school we have a duty to set a good example at all times for others to follow. The College Student Council, the Governors and teaching staff have designed the following rules not to make life difficult but to help ensure the safety and the successful learning of all. Classrooms (including labs, workshops and gyms) are our places of work where we spend most of our time. Just as in any factory or office, clear rules and expectations are necessary to allow everyone to achieve their very best, to be excellent.

Start of Lesson
Enter room, when instructed to do so, sensibly and go straight to your workplace.
Take out of your bag your pens, equipment, books and planner.
Remain silent.

During Lessons
When your teacher is talking to the whole class, remain silent and concentrate.
If your class is asked a question, put your hand up - do not call out (unless you have been asked to do so by your teacher).
You must have a pen, pencil, ruler, planner and any books or folders needed.
You are expected to work sensibly with your classmates - do not distract or annoy them.
If you arrive late without justifiable cause you must expect to be detained to make up the work you have missed.
Homework must be recorded in your planner.
Eating, drinking and chewing are not allowed - if caught you may be given a detention. Walkmans, radios, mobile 'phones and other distractions are not allowed: they will be confiscated.
You must not leave the lesson without an exit pass from your teacher. Disrupting the learning of others is simply unacceptable.

End of Lessons

The buzzer is a signal for your teacher, not for you.
You should not begin to pack away until your teacher tells you to do so
When told to put your chair under the desk (or on it if told to do so), tidy up your work area.
Leave the room only when instructed to do so by your teacher.

Finally, but most importantly
Teachers are in the position of parents/guardians while you are at school. This means in particular, there is no excuse for rudeness, disrespect or insolence towards teachers. Any reasonable request from a member of staff should be carried out at once and without argument.