St John Plessington Catholic College

Sixth Form Team Appointments

I am delighted to announce the following appointments have been made for our 6th Form Team for the next academic year. We were blown away by the quality of the applications, the way students interviewed (which is a real testament to the oracy programmes we have been implementing) and the numbers of 6th Formers who were prepared to put themselves forward for the roles. 

They are very proud to be a part of the school community and they appreciate the deal they get here which is second to none. We in turn are very proud of them. We look forward to them spreading their wings and making a difference. 
Simon Rylance
Head Teacher

Head Girl: Emily Stewart

Head Boy: George Connolly

Deputy Head Girls: 

Michelle Evans, Erin Glanville, Ella Hewitt, Eva Pimblett, Gabrielle Samrodia

Deputy Head Boys: 

Dominic Bennett, Will Cartmel, James Davies, Keiran Igoe, Matthew McCardle

Leaders of Community Focus:

Ciara Salisbury

Ellie Smith

Dherran Titherington Bragg

Chloe Tuite

Leaders of Mentoring Focus:

Josie Bailey

Lewis Bryson

Hollie Christelow 

Kiki Estabrooks

Harris Randles

Ella Williams

Leaders of ECO School Focus:

Bonnie Bennett

Josh Jones

Rebecca Reid

Olivia Tasker