St John Plessington Catholic College

Who's Who

Executive Head Teacher Mr T. Quinn
Senior Deputy Head Teacher Mr S. Rylance
Deputy Head Teachers

Mrs C Singleton
Mrs M Sharratt

Assistant Head Teachers

Ms D Cain
Mrs E Connolly
Mr J Gatrell
Mr N Harrison
Mr S Harvey
Mrs A Lock
Mr P McLoughlin
Mrs H Moulton
Miss C O'Connor
Mrs C Veitch

Associate Assistant Head Teachers Ms V Harris
Director of Operations Ms S Mitchell
Site Manager & Health and Safety Mrs R McMahon

Key Pastoral Staff

Year 7 

Assistant Head Teacher: Ms D Cain
Year 7 Head of Learning: Miss J Gascoigne
Year 7 Learning Coach: Mrs A Ashcroft

Year 8 

Assistant Head Teacher: Mr N Harrison
Head of Learning: Mr J Sewell
Learning Coach: Miss C Breen
Learning Coach: Mrs J Davis

Year 9 

Assistant Head Teacher Mrs E Connolly
Head of Learning: Mr G Hughes
Learning Coach: Miss J Dyer

Year 10 

Assistant Head Teacher Mrs H Moulton
Head of Learning: Mrs C Bedke
Learning Coach: Mrs A Greenwood

Year 11 

Assistant Head Teacher Mr P McLoughlin
Head of Learning: Mrs R Austin
Learning Coach: Mr L Wellens

Sixth Form 

Director of 6th Form Mrs A. Lock
Year 12 Head of Learning Miss J Pritchard 
Year 12 & 13  Learning Coach Mrs J Swann
Year 13 Head of Learning Mrs C Harvey  

Heads of Departments

Head of Art Mr M Regan
Head of Chemistry Mr K Lysaght
Head of DT Miss E Hughes
Director of English Mr M. Coogan
Head of Geography Mr M Wilson
Head of Health and Social Care Mrs D Walker-Cairns
Head of History Mrs L Davies
Director of Humanities Miss J Bruce
Head of ICT/Business/Computing Mrs K Penny
Head of Maths Miss D Gordon
Head of Media Studies Mr S Witcher
Head of MFL Mrs D Sadler
Head of PE Mr B. Nunnery
Head of Performing Arts Miss S Chesters
Head of Physics Mr C Courtnage
Head of RE Mrs L Walsh
Director of Science Mr B Bowden-Graham
Head of Social Sciences Ms C Carragher