SJP L!VE is our very own up to the minute interactive television channel dedicated to keeping the College community informed about life at SJP. Using the very latest in multi-media technology, SJP L!VE allows us all to stay in touch with every aspect of the busy daily schedule at the College. What is more, SJP L!VE is produced entirely within the College and has a range of journalists, editors, broadcasters, film-makers, producers and technical staff all drawn from our very own staff and pupils.

All members of the College community are welcome to contribute to the range of programming available and many do via our website. We have programmes covering all aspects of entertainment, sports and the arts, as well as enhanced learning and teaching opportunities.

 If you are interested in developing your skills as a TV journalist, or if you have ideas about using the service to broadcast items of importance across the wider College community, contact Mr Lally via College Office.

The TV world awaits you!